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Wycliffe Caribbean National Teams and Headquarters

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports 2018

Wycliffe World Day of Prayer – November 11, 2018

Antigua and Barbuda


that more young people would come forward, with financial assistance and support, for the WYnet Camp 2019
that we continue to recruit persons for the field (Wycliffe Caribbean, Vision 2025)

we prayerfully reap a harvest of positive responses for the upcoming Pastors' Consultation (May 2019)
that we participate fully in upcoming Christian events in 2019 Antigua to promote the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators
 that we touch and reach hearts and doors receptive to hearing about Wycliffe in schools, churches etc 
 that we reactivate our prayer-support group, uplifting WABT in its work
 that we expand our outreach via our Wycliffe member on the local radio station (GFR      Radio)
 for our team member, Christine who has been experiencing health challenges.
 that we pray for the present Executive and implementation of Wycliffe vision and programmes
for the establishment of WYnet  in Antigua and Barbuda in 2019.

Barbados Wycliffe Team

Praise Reports
Wycliffe Bible Club – We thank God that these members have been sufficiently trained to serve using the WBT Missions Principles, have engaged in reading their Bibles, and led sessions using the inductive approach to Bible study by Mrs. Aleeca King.  She has encouraged them to go out fully engaged in enlarging their territory, in reproducing the club activities in their churches, starting other clubs and being involved in missions.
WYnet Camp and WYME Participant – We praise God for 17 year old Kmarc Griffith who attended both WYnet Camp and WYME in Jamaica.

Pray for:

vacant positions to be filled especially for a Treasurer, Secretary and Events Coordinator as well as a fulltime volunteer to work in the office.
team members who have requested a leave of absence to pursue further studies
the setting up of a new office and facilities required for the effective functioning of the Barbados Team
the training of trainers on the National team,  as well as training for  potential church members, volunteers, missionaries, throughout the year
the budgeting and fundraising efforts to support all activities
the availability of a venue for meetings of the Team
our outreach to a children’s home
our Church visits to participate and share on the work of Wycliffe
the family of Lanell Herbert, former Wycliffe missionary from Barbados who passed away in August
our outreach to other surviving missionaries will be timely and assist in sustaining their own faith and those of potential missionaries.
Pray Kmarc for him as he seeks to play his part in the area of WYnet on the Barbados Wycliffe Team
Lydia Nurse, one of the members, who is raising funds to attend Urbana 2018 in December.  Pray that she and other members will also be instrumental in carrying on the work of WBT in Barbados and beyond

Jamaica Wycliffe Team

Praise Reports

On-going monthly cross-cultural workshops on Missions and Bible Translation.
2nd Annual “A Good Morning with Wycliffe Caribbean”
Consultations with National Youth Leaders
For young persons who have signed up to be volunteers and
For volunteers who have continued to serve the Jamaican church on behalf of Wycliffe in various capacities, despite the lack of a Jamaica Wycliffe Team Leader
Prayer Requests

For a full-time Jamaica TEAM Leader
Regular financial inflows for the work of the Jamaica Wycliffe Team
New strategies to deal with the hundreds of denominations in the nation
New church visits teams

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Praise Report

Successful Senior Church Leadership Consultation

Opening of new doors for training and relationships with churches
Recruitment of one participant from SVG for WYnet Camp and WYME
Appointment of SVG WYnet Coordinator representative

Prayer Requests

Clear directions from GOD re: the people group(s) HE wants us to serve

For GOD to prepare these people group(s) from now to receive us with respect, love and joy

For GOD to prepare our SVG people with GOD's Love and other attributes needed to minister to these people group(s)

For GOD ordained Partnerships (Churches, Prayer Networks, Organisations, Companies, Individuals)

For GOD to raise up faithful SVG TEAM Members

For GOD’s favour in getting The Wycliffe SVG Trustee Incorporation Bill passed before the end of 2018

Matthew 18:19 I tell you truly that if two of you on the Earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Praise Reports

An open door in March for a table presentation at the Trinidad Keswick Convention Breakfast this year.

4 Wycliffe Explore Workshops were held in March and April at one of the Wesleyan Holiness Churches.

The Next Step Camp - held 18th -20th May.

Open doors among the Wesleyan Holiness churches, re partnership development for Brittney Balfour.

Brittney Balfour, missionary now serving in Ethiopia. 

The love and kindness of the pastors and brethren as we share the vision

God's love, care and faithfulness to us as a National team.

Prayer Requests

For Brittney Balfour as she continues with the language learning course, in Ethiopia
For Celicia, as she does partnership development, to return to Asia early next year 
Strengthening and deepening our  partnerships with churches, organizations etc.
The expansion of the WBTC T&T team
Entry into Bible and secondary schools 

Wycliffe Caribbean Headquarters

Praise Reports

Profitable Heads of Denominations Consultations in the Western And Eastern Caribbean in March and April
Successful Annual Church Leaders’ Breakfast in June
Successful TEAM Leaders’ Conference in June
Rewarding Youth Summer Activities in July - WYnet Camp, WYME
Engagement of young people from youth activities as volunteers
Opportunities for greater partnership with church leaders and pastors in various denominations
Open doors for partnerships with theological institutions
Successful inroads being made in Scripture Use:-

Use of the Jamaican language in churches and in discipleship
Sunday School workshop
Denominational Leaders’ Conference

Reassignment of two missionaries to East Timor
Re-opening of the door for Wycliffe Caribbean in St. Lucia
Assignment of one missionary to Ethiopia
Appointment of WYnet Coordinator for the Caribbean
Increase in funding for the operations of Wycliffe Caribbean

Prayer Requests

The success of denominational consultations in 2019 in the Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Antigua and Barbuda.
Healing for Icilda deMercado missionary, receiving medical attention in the U.S.
Missionaries’ financial support
Missionaries in training
Planning for overseas trip to Port Limon, Costa Rica in 2019
Potential missionaries in six Caribbean nations working on membership process
Wycliffe Caribbean Board Members
Personnel needs

Language Development Assistant Coordinator – Caribbean Region
Clerical Assistant
Project Manager

Follow through on deepening relationship with Child Evangelism Fellowship
Accessibility to Proclaimer Group Leaders who have become delinquent.
Thirty-two active Jamaican New Testament Proclaimer Groups and for the remaining Proclaimers to be used in areas where the need is greatest. For God appointed Group leaders.
Full funding for Bi-Literacy project with Woodford Primary School
Sign language work in Haiti
Jamaican Old Testament Consultation in January 2019
Development of Wycliffe Caribbean Centre